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How To Make Money Through Youtube Videos

how to make money through youtube videos
Initially we had a strong thinking that Youtube is a video sharing website where almost all of us used to watch videos as per our interest. But how do you respond when someone tells you that you can earn money too through youtube videos.  Yes , its absolutely true that we can earn money from youtube without any investment.

If you have a Youtube account and upload videos regularly which does not contain any copyrighted material then you can make money from every click that your video gets on youtube. Making Money off Youtube is considered easy as it does not requires any investment and most importantly we get google adsense ads easily even if we have only one video which follows Youtube`s Copyright Policy.

Below i have mentioned the full procedure on how to earn money from youtube videos in easy steps. Hope you guys follow the steps to start earning money through youtube from your videos.

How To Make Money through Youtube Videos :

1) Sign-in to your Youtube Account :

youtube sign-inIf you have an existing gmail account then sign in to youtube first. Edit your profile details and add keywords relating to the niche about which you are going to upload videos.

2) Enable Account Monetization :

youtube account monetizationTo enable your account for monetization , visit : and click on “Enable My Account” as shown above in the snapshot. After enabling your account , accept the Account Monetization Terms & Conditions as indicated in the image below :

youtbe account monetization termsFinally , you have to click on Monetize , to monetize your videos on youtube. You can see the snapshot below to see how to monetize your videos :


After successful monetization , you will receive an email that you account is approved for Youtub Partners Monetization and you need to upload a unique video to your youtube account with keywords and a fine description.

Note : Make sure that the video does not contain any copyright and is solely owned/produced by you.

3) Adsense Account Setup :

By now you have successfully uploaded a unique video of yours and now the big question comes that how we can earn money through this video. So after successful monetization , visit once again and expand the tab “How Will I be Paid” and click on the link “Associate an Adsense Account“. See The snapshot for the same below :


associate adsense account

After clicking on the “Associate an Adsense Account” link , you will be redirected to where you have to fill all the details regarding Payee Details and Demographic Details. So , just fill all these details carefully and click on “Submit” Button.

Within an hour you will receive an email from Google Adsense stating that “Congratulations , Your Adsense Account has been approved.”. Now , you will see that every video that you upload will show adsense ads.

4) Promote Your Video On Social Networks :

The Final step is promoting your videos as much as you can among various social networks so that you get attention from visitors and the visitors click through your video url to watch your video. More the number of visitors will see your video , more clicks your video will get resulting in more money in your account.

Note : Always try to turn your visitors into subscribers by frequently uploading interesting videos.

If you like this list then do leave your worthy comments here as well as share it among your various social networks friends. Or if you think a website is missing in the list, you can add the website name through commenting. Your comments are always valuable for us.

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